Jamie Sinclair - Software Developer

Globally experienced software developer. I've worked with companies small to large and across cultures in Japan, NZ and USA.

Passionate about moving software culture forward with the Tokyo tech community.

JavaScript and its modern frameworks, React and Vue.js, are my strength. Experience with legacy PHP applications and microservices in Golang and Node.js.



Front End Engineer

We work in a small Tokyo team alongside our US HQ. Working on our global localised products. Helping migrate legacy PHP applications, optimize performance and build newer features in a modern Node.js serverside stack.

Original Stitch

Front End Engineer

Worked with Tokyo and San Francisco teams. Built a modern body measurement sizing web app and helped with maintenance of legacy applications.


Front End Engineer

These were fundamental years for my growth as a developer. We collaborated daily with designers, analysts and engineers in cross-functional teams.

Learnt modular front end architecture and decoupling legacy applications into microservices.

Worked on projects ranging from unifying design across web apps, customer dashboard metrics and an inventory counting app.


Personal projects:

Curated selection of commits to other open source projects:


Ara Institute of Canterbury

Bachelor of Performing Arts

Yoobee Colleges

Diploma of Web Development